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Executive Leadership Coaching

Executive Leadership Coaching



In our coaching sessions, we will privately and confidentially discuss the personal leadership challenges you face and how you could master your inner leadership game like a top-level athlete. For example:   
* How to cope with change as a more authentic leader   
* How to handle leadership paradoxes as a wiser leader   
* Regaining stakeholder trust as an inspirational leader.

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What You Can Expect


Focus: our high quality Executive coaching will support your personal growth focused on exceptional change leadership. Profound self-reflection is a prerequisite for your success. For any substantial results you are advised to order at least three meetings in a row.

Your coach: Daniel Le Gras will be your coach. He is a well-trained, highly experienced, and ICF-registered Executive coach.

Your meetings: will be held online (live video conferencing) in English. They take 90 minutes per meeting and can be scheduled in consultation.

Fee: Please contact us for more information.