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Building a Future-Proof Board of Directors

Disruptive change is the # 1 concern of many Boards of Directors. If you are looking for tools to better deal with change, the Institute is the right place to start. As masters of change we have developed an extensive toolkit for both executive and non-executive directors. This toolkit is focussed on proactive supervision and excecutive leadership agility.

Proactive supervision

Both in one-tier and two-tier boards professional supervision is crucial for longterm viability of your organization. We invite your supervisory board (members) to use our tools designed to check and improve its structure, roles and culture. In particular, board dynamics can be a challenge. With our support, your Board will become a true strategic and proactive team. Please contact us for more information.

Board reviews

The Institute offers two types of Board reviews: online questionnaires and face-to-face meetings. Or, a combination of both. All members will receive a pdf-report with our recommendations elaborating on the results of the online self-assessment in a clear and concise way. With our support, your Board will become more aware of its strengths and challenges. Please contact us for more information.

Board development

Permanent education of your Board members is easy with our incompany development programmes. They focus on improving leadership agility for executive directors, professional supervision for non-executive directors, and board dynamics and board decision making. Each participant will receive a copy of one of our e-books to accelerate his or her development. This service is only available for companies headquartered in the Netherlands.

Executive leadership agility

In turbulent times, your change capacity as a CEO, General Manager or Executive Director is a highly valuable asset. To develop this capacity to a higher level of leadership agility, you need an integrated approach. We invite you to apply our easy to learn but highly effective techniques based on the universal principle of deepening personal stability while simultaneously broadening your flexibility.

Online Board support

Live web meetings are a fast and easy way of (inter)national communication. Log in from your computer or mobile device and you have instant access to our expertise and services. Due to extended opening hours of our office (09.00-21.00 hrs.), even international meetings can be scheduled flexibly and comfortably. How to contact us?

About the Institute

The Institute for Governance & Leadership is an independent and privately held organization in the Netherlands to support the development of (inter)national boards of directors. Both partners have extensive experience as (non) executive directors, as board consultants and coaches. They authored seven e-books for (non) executive directors to improve Board governance and leadership.


About the Institute

The Institute for Governance & Leadership offers hands-on tools to improve governance and Board leadership, agile leadership and change leadership.

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Accredited facilitators

Our goverance experts and external facilitators have been accredited by the National Association for Non-Executive Directors in the Healthcare sector (NVTZ) and the Education sector (VTOI), and by the VTW for housing corporations.


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