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Why Exceptional Change Leadership?

Leading change is a vital competency for leaders in public & private sector organizations. The bigger the external and internal disruptions will get, the more effective they need to be in leading change.

As an exceptional change leader, you will need four essential skills: profound self-reflection, inner balance & wisdom, and the art of inspiration.

Our training Program for Exceptional Change Leadership will support you mastering these four skills and enhancing your creative and innovative thinking. Our advanced-level Program is well-structured and practical, and is based on best practices, international research, our own 45 years of experience, and integration of Eastern & Western philosophies.

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What We Do to Support You


We are Executive trainers & coaches specialized in leading change. Our two services are offered to senior leaders in public & private sector organizations.

Exceptional Change Leadership Training

We support your leadership competency towards exceptional change leadership, for example, how to master your practical and inner wisdom skills to take wiser decisions. More details

Executive Leadership Coaching

This service is offered privately and confidentially. As certified Executive coaches, we will support you meeting your personal leadership challenges. For example, how to regain your stakeholders' trust as a more inspirational leader. More details


In this in-depth and inspiring step-by-step program, Daniel Le Gras confronts executive leaders as mildly as wisely with themselves. I highly recommend these masterclasses to all leaders!

Em. Prof. Dr. W. Janse • Religion and Public Policy, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands