Executive Leadership Training

Supporting Exceptional Change Leadership

Program for Exceptional Change Leadership
Fast-track program to master your inner game as a change leader


Today change leaders require exceptional skills for top-performance.
The aim of our advanced-level program is to support experienced leaders mastering a new leadership competency: exceptional change leadership, also called leadership from the inside out. The more they master this competency and its inner leadership game, the better the external results will be, to the benefit of both the leaders and their stakeholders. It is a clear win-win situation.

Mastering this competency is presented as an inner leadership journey with four destinations, representing four important skills of exceptional change leadership: self-reflection, core balance, practical wisdom, and the art of inspiration.
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A very well-structured approach for Executive Directors, presenting a clear explanation of relevant perspectives on leadership and change. Any leader will benefit from the highly efficient transfer of expertise and the subsequent tailor-made sessions.

Em. Prof. Dr. J. van den Akker • Educational Sciences, University of Twente, and Former CEO of the National Institution for Educational Sciences, the Netherlands

What Our Program Will Bring You


Our advanced-level program will boost your competency in exceptional change leadership by integrating aspects of governance, entrepreneurship, arts, communication, psychology, sports, and Eastern & Western philosophy, backed up by international research, and our own 45 years of professional leadership (and top-sport) experience. On completion, you will be well prepared to:
1. Lead effectively in increasingly turbulent times or disruptive situations;
2. Lead from the inside out to take wiser decisions in increasingly complicated strategic dossiers;
3. Lead in a wise and innovative way having mastered your inner game;
4. Inspire your stakeholders to co-create more purpose and meaning at work and (re)gain their trust.


The Program is intended to benefit leaders in formal leadership positions, such as CEOs, Executive directors, Board members, or senior team leaders, and informal leadership roles, such as professionals, authors or influencers.

Fast-Track & Best Practices

* Compact multidisciplinary approach in english, built on best practices, in four afternoon sessions.
* In-person in open or private groups of max. 12 participants, 2-4 times a year. Sharing expertise with participants is an important part.

Study Material

You will receive study material in english: a digital Textbook (60 pages), presentation sheets, articles written by the trainer, cases studies, and practices. You can download your study material in our online Expertise Center in advance.

Time Commitment

Preparation for each afternoon-session takes about 2 hours reading time. In the morning or evening, you have a choice of options: perhaps preparing for a session or enjoying activities. Please see optional activities below.

Fees and Payment

The fee for this Executive program is on request. Including lunch & coffee/tea breaks. Not included: hotel & travel costs, diners, optional activities. Please contact us for more information.

Certificate of Participation

On completion of the Executive program and attending the four sessions you will receive a personalized Certificate of Participation. There are no exams or assignments to complete.

Optional Activities


Enhance Your Program Experience

We'd like to suggest a few optional activities in the morning and evening (not included in the standard Program), for example:

* sport activities: hiking or playing golf;
* cultural activities: visiting a museum or theatre.

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